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Before calling Geo Tracking, I could not manage my fuel. I was losing a lot of money and also a lot of time trying to control. I then opted for their fuel management solution. The consultant who accompanied me quickly showed me that there was a bad distribution, traffic and theft of gasoline. I was able to review its distribution and took steps to prevent theft.

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I am led to work in isolated areas most geo location tools do not map these places. However, the Geo Tracking team has studied all our plans and has

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I would like to say a big thank you to the Geo Tracking team. I have dealt with professionals who perfectly master their business. They immediately understood what I wanted and what I needed. They are very responsive and enjoyable.

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When I contacted Geo Tracking, I just needed to equip my trucks with GPS tags for geolocation. A few days later, I had an appointment with one of their consultants to study my needs. I had to deal with a very nice person who analyzed my activity. He explained to me everything I could get from this solution. The application was implemented quickly. Subsequently, the consultant accompanied me for weeks to show me how to exploit it. At present, my deliveries are on time, the products arrive in good conditions and my customers are satisfied.

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I have a fleet of 50 cars. My main problem is to be able to manage all cars and drivers at the same time. I contacted Geo Tracking, which offered me an application that technicians have installed me on my PC as well as GPS tracers adapted. My application is in the form of a dashboard with all the indicators I need. At a glance, I have a visibility on all my vehicles. I know the number of kilometers traveled, the customers that have been visited, the time spent on the road and the customer … Thanks to this solution I have more satisfied customers and I have reduced the waiting time by 25%

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As a road hauler, I had a big fuel leak problem and I did not know where it came from. I did my research and found that Geo Tracking offers an innovative and unique fuel management solution in Tunisia. The expert I had on the phone explained to me that I could control everything and it was discovered that the leak came from a problem in one of the portable tanks. Now I can manage my fuel better and I do not waste any more.

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My cars already had their GPS boxes with basic functions like route reminder. I thought that was all I could expect. One day, one of my suppliers told me about your fleet tracking solutions. Even though I was pretty happy with what I had, I still contacted you to get some information. There, one of your experts presented me all the advantages of a tool for geo location and tracking of fleet developed. He also explained that the Geo Tracking solution is compatible with many models of GPS boxes (including mine). I then started and I do not regret it at all.

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I am the commercial manager of a bio-medical equipment production company. My salespeople are all the time on the road. It often happens that I change the program of visits of some of them, or that I have to add them unexpected visits. I did their planning by hand and by telephone. This task took me a lot of time, and in addition, I often did not get to join them in time. So I looked for a provider on the Internet and found Geo Tracking. They offered me the function of marametrage missions in real time. An expert came, he explained to me how to do and followed me for months to help me master the management of tours. After almost a year of use, I can say that I saved time. I can now concentrate on other tasks and better train my team.

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A friend who also owns a car rental agency has gone a long way with Geo Tracking. As I am very attentive to the condition and care taken to my cars, I need a solution that could help me supervise their maintenance and booking schedules. I then contacted Geo Tracking who offered me a solution for fleet tracking and maintenance. Now, my solution handles all this for me. She also gives me the list of available cars. It helps me enormously and saves me a lot of time.

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I was looking for a way to schedule the time of my machine operators and assign them a work area for each. In doing my research, I found that Geo Tracking offers the most complete service. After phoning them, I was contacted by an expert who understood my business and offered me a product that meets my needs perfectly. I am very satisfied. Thanks to Geo Tracking.