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application de géolocalisation My Track Geo-Tracking

My track : GPS tracker and geolocation application

Are you at the head of a company that has a large fleet of vehicles to ensure good mobility? The management of this fleet is therefore a lever to succeed to ensure the efficiency of your business. What about an app that helps you take advantage of your roaming resources in optimal conditions?

Geo-Tracking puts at your disposal My Track! It is an application dedicated to managers who wish to control and better manage their fleet of vehicles. It is a real decision support tool that not only offers an interesting flow of information on the operation of the fleet but also, it allows to rationalize its management.

The MyTrack geolocation application also offers better visibility in the field. As a leader, if the right information arrives at the right time, you can better manage the mobility of your mobile workforce. That’s how the My Track app helps you better dispatch missions and improve customer service. In addition, by using this tool you can greatly reduce repeated calls from drivers.

It is a multi-tag, multi-tagging, multi-tagging and fleet management platform capable of communicating with more than 300 tracker GPS models, offering these customers the ability to migrate their tags to our platform, and can benefit from power of our platform.

In short! My Track is the right application to own to better control and follow the fleet. It is an application dedicated to small and large companies!

A multi-function GPS tracker app for fleet management

The My Track geolocation application offers a wide range of features that will allow you to better control your activities, optimize the management of your fleet, reduce your transportation costs and satisfy your customers.

Managing a car fleet is a complex task that requires both a powerful decision-making tool and important managerial skills. Geo-Tracking is responsible for providing you with an application developed to meet the needs of fleet managers. My Track is an easy-to-use application that offers several features to the Fleet Manager. The latter will have at his disposal a complete and rich toolbox to be able to ensure his work in the rules of the art.

In addition, My Track offers many other benefits at different levels of the company. Indeed, it is an application adapted to the needs of users and managers. For the sake of practicality, this tool is accessible on several supports because it is compatible with Apple Ios and google Android.

Fleet tracking and geolocation of vehicles at your fingertips

Because a manager must have all the information needed to manage the company’s resources at the right time, Geo-Tracking comes to offer its help through the My Track application. Indeed, it is a tool that provides access to all important information about teams and vehicles at any time and in any place. Whether you are in a meeting, on a break, in the office or on one of the company’s building sites, you will have at your disposal a wide range of instantaneous information synthesized in dashboards. Thus, reading and fast interpretation of these data would be easy.

My fleet track gives access to several features:

  • Locate drivers easily: in real time and instantly. As a result, you will be able to identify the nearest vehicle to meet a need.
  • Check the Key Performance Indicators: Fleet achievements are recorded in real time. Therefore, you can always evaluate the performance of each vehicle.
  • View Reports: Our solution collects information and synthesizes it into activity reports that serve as dashboards for different users of the application.
  • Create reporting points using Geofencing technology
  •  Send mission orders
  • Control dangerous driving behavior, late departures and any other type of overtaking.