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GPS geolocation in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is one of the leading countries in Africa; its activity is mainly based on the production of coffee and cocoa which it exports all over the world.

As a specialist in geo-location and fleet tracking, Geo Tracking helps national and international freight companies. We are particularly involved with carriers. We bring you a real solution to help you track your fleet and manage your business.

Thanks to our application, you can track all your vehicles and manage their tours. On the other hand, we set up a set of probes and plotters that will allow you to follow all the indicators of your vehicles. This will allow you to obtain a set of information in real time such as the distance traveled, the journey made, the pause times, the opening hours of the doors or the weight carried.

Geo Tracking and Logging

Ivory Coast is rich in forests and timber reserves. It is one of the largest exporters of timber. Thus, Geo Tracking accompanies logging companies. Our company is committed to accompanying you and helping you to master our fleet management and GPS tracking solution.

On the other hand, at Geo Tracking we are aware that some places are not mapped, or at least they lack indications that you need. To meet this need, our experts integrate a personalized map into your solution. You will thus have a dashboard designed especially for you.

Solution suitable for hydrocarbon transport

Cote d’Ivoire is one of the main oil producing countries. Indeed, some of the major multinationals have subsidiaries. Geo Tracking targets these companies and offers them an activity management and tour solution. It will enable large (as well as small) companies in the sector to have at their disposal a powerful and efficient tool to optimize the journey of their drivers and improve their yields.