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solution de géolocalisation Minière et BTP

Mining and construction


localisation gps

As a solution for the protection and monitoring of isolated workers, Geo Tracing makes it possible to secure your employees, optimize their working time and improve their productivity.

Thanks to our GPS localization solution, you can follow in real time all your work teams, control their activity and optimize their working time. You can also improve your responsiveness by modifying the teams according to your needs.

In terms of security, our solution has an integrated sensor that detects the falls and allows you to intervene quickly. In addition, if your employees approach a danger zone or if they are in danger, you will also receive an alert.


Our geo-tracking application is a key tool for mining companies. Indeed, thanks to these multiple functions, it greatly facilitates the work of minors to better manage the rounds of transport vehicles, to define work areas for each team and thus optimize the work. Finally, thanks to the personalized mapping, you will have at your disposal a personalized map of the mines containing information and indicators important to you.



solution de contrôle capteur de poids

You want to extend the life of your fleet and improve your competitiveness by reducing your costs?
Our GPS trackers and location tools will make it easier for you to control the weight of your gear. You will know exactly what their loads are, and they will be able to optimize their use by loading them properly and reducing the number of round trips.


Geo Tracking’s My Track application is both a geolocation tool and a complete solution for decision-making. This solution is especially dedicated to the protection and monitoring of your professional vehicles.
Our Fleet Management solution will allow you to retrieve all data relating to the movements of your vehicles as well as their condition (maintenance).
This tool will thus:

  • Track the real-time activity of your vehicles
  • Remove abusive and non-professional uses from your fleet
  • Monitor and manage the conduct of your drivers
  • Reduce maintenance and fuel costs
  • Minimize round trips
  • Knowing the weight of your trucks

This geolocation and GPS tracking solution will help you to become more efficient and profitable.




In order to improve the quality of its services, all good building professionals need to follow the activity of their employees and the progress of these projects. To achieve this objective, Geo Tracking provides you with a geolocation and tracking solution tailored to your sector of activity

This solution is particularly suitable for companies in the building and mining sectors. Thanks to our geolocation application, you can control and optimize the use of your fleet of vehicles of all kinds, reduce your costs while maintaining the quality of your services. You will also have at your disposal a tool that will allow you to collect and synthesize all the data (precise statistics, historical …). This will allow you to analyze your data and make the right decisions about the organization of your teams.

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Community and municipality

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Truck transport

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State and Ministry

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Travel and tourism

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Service and SAV