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Gestion de tournée et force de vente
Gestion de flotte et géolocalisation

Tour management and sales force

Any company with a mobile sales force has the advantage of being equipped with a GPS geolocation solution in order to follow the daily schedule of its sales team. This tool could help optimize trips and increase the number of visits to clients. A GPS geolocation solution facilitates the work of the salesman and gives the rider a clear idea of ​​his driving behavior. GEO-Tracking, trying to fulfill all your professional needs, offers you a GPS geolocalisation system adapted.


On the other hand, this GPS geolocation system allows a connection to the billing software to evaluate the productivity of each commercial. Performance indicators are varied: number of visits / number of sales orders, number of kilometers / order, average visit time … These ratios can help you evaluate the productivity of your sales team. GEO-Tracking offers you geolocation solutions coupled with time management options to optimize the journeys of your sales people and increase productivity.

gestion du temps de travail


Coupled with time management options, GEO-Tracking’s GPS geolocation solution is able to automatically manage routes; Depending on the frequency of customer visits entered into the system and, depending on the type of customer. Indeed, the collaborator introduces a set of information throughout his journey (the addresses visited, visit time, constraints …). Thus, the software analyzes all this information and determines the optimized paths to adopt by salespeople. During his working day, the employee can prepare his mission report instantly without needing to return to the company at the end of the day to do so.

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