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The ideal solution for mining companies

Cameroon is rich in natural resources. The country is a supplier of various mining resources such as bauxite, iron, cobalt, nickel; Manganese, diamond or marble …

Using Geo Tracking and Tracking Solutions, Geo Tracking is a real solution for companies in this sector. Our solution is characterized by its simplicity of use and its efficiency.

Indeed, thanks to our solution, you will be able to follow in real time and remotely the movements of your trucks. You can also plan your truck tour in advance, set different stop points and define a geo-fencing area. Also note that with our built-in weight sensors, you’ll be able to fill them better, reduce back-and-forth and save money on fuel.

Finally, thanks to our fuel management solution, you will have better visibility on the amount of fuel in the tanks and optimize your fuel consumption. You can also better manage the filling of your tanks and especially reduce or even eliminate the leak or theft.

Suitable for passenger transport

The country has an important road network of 50,000 km, which favors the development of public transport, such as buses. As a result, the country has a large number of transport companies that need, more than ever before, an effective GPS tracking and fleet management solution.

To meet this need, we propose a solution adapted to the needs of the carriers. Indeed, Geo Tracking has developed an application that allows to remotely controlling in real time the distances traveled, the maintenance of the vehicles, the behavior of your drivers and the consumption of fuels

Our application also makes it possible to inform you when the comfort of the passengers is altered (problem of air conditioning or heating, driver who drives too fast or dangerously …). Our solution will allow you to react faster and thus satisfy your customers.