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Geo Tracking Expertise

Are you at the top of the hierarchy of a transport, maintenance, tourism or construction company? You certainly worry about the profitability of your business! Among the components that you absolutely must control to reduce operating costs and take advantage of your resources we can talk about fleet management. This is a very important cost center in a company. Therefore, to have a tracking solution for geolocation of professional vehicles would be a good idea. Geo-Tracking is a supplier of GPS tracking tools that has been operating for years in the market. His long career and expertise has made him one of the leaders in this segment.

Geo-Tracking: High level advice and support

The installation and choice of geolocation solutions is not a slim affair. Indeed, the tracking solution must be adapted to the sector of activity in which you operate. Note team is always there to offer a summary of advice to guide you in your choices. We provide high-level support to our customers to help them choose and install the proper tracking solution. In addition, our experts provide the necessary training to the various users within the company. So you can take advantage of our solutions in an optimal way.

Our consultants are available to help you whenever you encounter a problem with tracking solutions. As a result, you can benefit from a turnkey solution perfectly suited to your needs and your professional geolocation issues.

Effective fleet management and resource governance

At Geo-Tracking, you find the most effective solutions in terms of geolocation but also a team of experts in fleet management of vehicle. These technicians have a fairly long course and are highly trained in this direction. As a result, you can combine business with pleasure: technical know-how but also high-performance solutions.

Our consultants are real professionals who master all the hazards of fleet management in several sectors: construction, tourism, agriculture, industry, transportation … Our experts are well versed in the peculiarities of each sector and the issues of each profession. This expertise allows them to advise you and guide you in your choice. Thus, fleet management would be among your strengths.

An invaluable help to establish an eco-driving

Our experts have the expertise to help you implement an eco-driving policy in your company. Our consultants help you install the tracking solutions you need to control the driving behavior of your employees. Indeed, the tracers installed in professional vehicles collect relevant information such as mileage, accelerations, fuel consumption, speed overruns, stops …

By analyzing this information, you can determine the profiles of employees who need eco-driving training. The idea is to give employees the tools they need to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

 As a conclusion…

Geo-Tracking is a strong company of a team that is full of skills and experts. The know-how and expertise of our technicians are recognized on the market. Moreover, our consultants have a reputation as experts in the field of GPS tracking and tracking. Car Tracking System is our business in which we constantly excel and evolve. The companies that have used our services have never regretted it.


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