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Geo Tracking: an essential tool for mining companies

Mali is famous internationally for the richness of its basement. This country attracts many companies who want to extract precious stones and gold.

For example, many international companies have developed gold prospecting operations. Mali is the third largest exporter of gold in Africa.

At Geo Tracking, we are aware of the potential of this sector of activity for the country. On the other hand, our experience with many mining companies around the world allows us to bring you real added value to your business.

Indeed, knowing the costs of transporting gold and precious stones, Geo Tracking aims to help you save money. Thanks to our fleet management solution specially developed for mining companies, our experts bring you a real solution.

An activity management solution for construction companies

Mali is a country in full development, the development of real estate, whether public or private, is developing well. Geo Tracking, provides the construction industry with its skills and solutions for fleet management and activity management.

With our GPS tracking solution, you can remotely monitor and manage your trucks and construction machinery. We propose a developed solution that will allow you to control and manage all your key parameters and improve the quality of your service: the number of kilometers traveled, the number of round trips, the drivers in operation, the number of rounds / Minute of your concrete mixers …

On the other hand, our application also integrates many anti-theft functions. Indeed, our experts propose to protect your vehicles and to prevent the theft of trucks or equipment, using your GPS plotters. Thus, your vehicles will no longer be stolen or used outside working hours.

Finally, at Geo Tracking, we have developed a fuel management module that will allow you to eliminate any loss. You will have a complete visibility on your fuel consumption and will know in real time the quantity in stock. On the other hand, our solution will help you to prevent flights and to save money.

More than a control system, our solution is a valuable tool to help you manage your machines, your teams and your construction sites.

Geo Tracking helps tourism professionals

For some years now, Mali has been a tourist destination. People from all over the world go there to visit places like Gao, Timbuktu or the Dogon Country (classified as World Heritage by UNESCO).

Our fleet management solution is aimed at tourism professionals and offers them a real fleet tracking solution. This will help you to manage your fleet and your tours on a daily basis. You will thus gain in profitability and improve the satisfaction of your customers.