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The geolocation solution for freight transport companies

Senegal is distinguished by its economy (4th economy of the sub-region), its geographical situation and its political stability. Thus, this country is one of the most industrialized of the continent (many multinationals have settled there). It also has a good road network and an important port (Dakar). The freight sector has therefore developed well.

Geo Tracking, a specialist in geolocation and fleet management solutions, therefore works with companies based in Senegal and offers its tools and the know-how and experience of its experts.

Indeed, thanks to the Geo Tracking solutions, you can monitor and manage your vehicle fleet remotely. This will provide you with key information about the condition of the vehicle, the performance of your drivers and the condition of the cargo.

Our tool will enable you to secure your merchandise and avoid theft of your vehicles or misuse of your trucks.

More than a GPS tracking or tracking tool, our geolocation solution is the key to optimal management of your fleet. Well used, it will save you time and money.

Geo Tracking and transport of tourists

In recent years, Senegal has been developing tourism. Indeed, more and larger hotel complexes are emerging, and the country invests enormously on its large national parks and nature reserves (which attract increasing numbers of visitors to the country).

Geo Tracking accompanies tourism professionals in Senegal and proposes its GPS tracking solution for passenger vehicles. This will allow you to receive daily detailed reports on the movements of your vehicles, their condition and the behavior of your drivers.

Thanks to an indicator panel, you will have all the information concerning the quality of driving of your drivers and the respect of the timing. Our solution will help you manage your vehicle fleet and the routes to follow.