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Geo Tracking accompanies the hydrocarbon sector

Algeria is one of the largest oil exporters in the world. It has numerous and vast deposits of oil and gas located in the regions of Oued Mya, HassiMessoud and HassiRmel (for gas).

Recognizing the potential of this sector for its business, Geo Tracking offers companies in this sector its fleet management and geo-location solutions.

Indeed, Geo Tracking intervenes with companies in this sector to help them gain competitiveness and performance. To do this, Geo Tracking experts accompany you and advise you in order to show you the full potential of our products and how to use them best.

Thanks to its activity management and touring solution, you can plan in advance the optimum tour of each of your gear. You will also have at your disposal a dashboard adapted to your needs which will provide you with all the information for an informed decision-making. On the other hand, you can also follow the route of your trucks and will be informed in real time of any suspicious movement.

By opting for the geo-fencing function, you can define zones of activity for each truck that it cannot under any circumstances exceed.

With Geo Tracking, you gain competitiveness and secure your trucks.

The ideal solution for mining companies


Are you working in mining? Geo Tracking intervenes frequently with companies in this sector. Its geotracking solution has been specially designed to accompany companies that exploit minerals or manufacture cement.

Indeed, as a mining company, our geo-location application is the solution you need. You will have at your disposal an efficient tool of management of rounds and tracking of your fleets. You will be able to follow in real time and at a distance the movements of your phosphate, lead or marble trucks. Thanks to our built-in weight sensors, you will be able to fill them better and reduce back and forth.

Finally, thanks to our fuel management solution, you will have better visibility on the amount of fuel in the tanks and optimize your fuel consumption. You can also better manage the filling of your tanks and especially reduce or even eliminate the leak or theft.

Suitable for passenger transport

Algeria has the densest road network on the African continent. Its length is estimated at 180 000 km with a coating rate of 85%. The country also has an important motorway network with 1,278 km which links the main cities: Algiers, Annaba, Constantine, Oran, Tlemcen … This network will be complemented by the East-West highway of more than 1,200 km Of finalization.

Thanks to the quality and density of this infrastructure, the transport of people is facilitated. The country has a large number of transport companies that need, more than ever before, an effective GPS tracking and fleet management solution.

To meet this need, we propose a solution adapted to the needs of the carriers. At Geo Tracking, we are aware of the importance of service quality in your sector. To do this, our application allows you to control the behavior of your drivers remotely and in real time. It also informs you when the comfort of the passengers is altered (problem of air conditioning or heating, driver who drives too fast or dangerously …). Our solution will allow you to react faster, and thus satisfy your customers.