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GPS tool for freight transport companies

In Mauritania, if agriculture accounts for 26% of GDP (mainly production of dates, millet, sorghum or rice), industrial production accounts for 29%.

Mining is very important. Indeed, Mauritania extracts from its mines Iron, which accounts for 40% of the country’s exports, and gold.

Geo Tracking, an expert in geolocation and fleet management solutions, helps mining companies with their expertise in fleet management, activity management and GPS tracking.

Geo Tracking solutions allow you to track and manage your fleet from a distance. This will provide you with key information about the condition of the vehicle, the performance of your drivers and the condition of the cargo.

With our fleet management solution, you can manage and control all your vehicles remotely and in real time. Our solution will also allow you to obtain the number of kilometers traveled, the number of round trips, the time spent on the road or the fuel consumed. Our solution will allow you to obtain detailed reports by vehicle, zone or driver. You will be able to easily analyze the information and make the necessary decisions.

On the other hand, Geo Tracking also provides you with an online maintenance booklet that will allow you to obtain a maintenance chart complete and easy to use. Thanks to this, you can more easily control the condition of your vehicles and take into account the various repairs to be carried out during planning.