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Geo Tracking Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or ex-Zaire, is the second largest African country after Algeria. It is one of the poorest countries in the world (87% of its population lives below the poverty line) despite its many and diverse natural resources.

Since the Belgian colonization, the DRC exports many mining products such as copper, diamond, gold, tin, cobalt or iron.

A fleet management solution for mining companies

At Geo Tracking, we put our experience and know-how in geolocation and fleet management at the service of mining companies.

After a precise and complete study of your activity, our experts and consultants will propose you an activity and fleet management solution adapted to your needs. With our solution, you can manage more efficiently your mining and transport vehicles and vehicles.

This will include a dashboard that will allow you to view all the information relating to either a moving vehicle screws or your entire fleet. By choosing the services of Geo Tracking you will have a master card that will allow you to greatly improve your performance, save money and better exploit your fleet.

Geo Tracking helps transport professionals

The DRC has an important road network of 152,320 km in 2005, including 58,305 km of roads of general interest. On the other hand, the country has many road transport companies that deliver mining products

Geo Tracking often collaborates with freight companies throughout Africa. Our fleet management solution is a real asset for transportation companies. Indeed, our application is at the same time a tool of GPS tracking, fleet management and activity. It will help you manage your fleet and your circuits on a daily basis. You will thus gain in profitability and improve the satisfaction of your customers.

On the other hand, our solution uses a satellite tracking system that will help you locate your vehicles wherever they are. Thus, if you have to work in dense equatorial forests (which do not have interactive maps), Geo Tracking proposes to develop for you personalized plans on which you can work and locate you