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audit et conseil en gestion de flotte
audit et conseil

Audit and Fleet management consulting

For each job, there is a geolocation solution adapted to your needs! GEO-TRACKING, your trusted partner for a gps tracking of your vehicles, guarantees it. Indeed, our company offers a range of customizable fleet management solutions that meet the most specific needs of your business. Thanks to its numerous options and features, you can benefit from a tailored gps tracking solution according to your business and / or sector of activity.


The expertise of its consultants and the know-how of its engineers enables them to develop relevant and scalable applications.

GEO-TRACKING’s consultants rely on a deep understanding of the specificities, organization, constraints and obligations of each activity in order to offer customers a solution for the geolocation of vehicles Which integrates perfectly into its new environment while being operational as soon as it is installed.


We adopt a pragmatic approach to accompany companies whatever their activity and their profession is.
We start with a preliminary analysis as well as a detailed study of the client’s needs (audit). This audit will help you understand your business and identify the key indicators you will need. Our expert team offers you the best solution.

This stage is followed by a phase of implementation and transfer of skills.

geo tracking
geo tracking

The mission of the GEO-TRACKING team thus begins with the installation and configuration via the functional parameterization and its update to arrive to the parameterization of the states. We also provide training for users, transfer of skills, accompaniment and personalization of the geolocation solution sold.

geo tracking