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sectors of Geo-Tracking

Geo-Tracking: a partner in or in several sectors

You are at the head of a mining company, a tourist transport company, a hotel entity, a state organization such as a municipality or a ministry? No matter what company or organization you run, Geo-Tracking is there to help you manage the day-to-day lives of your fleets at the lowest cost. Our team of engineers and consultants presents a wide range of tracking solutions to help fleet managers optimize the management of itinerant personnel. Our experts offer customized solutions that adapt to the specificities of your sector of activity.

Communities and municipalities: Geo-Tracking a true partner of the State

Transport, cleanliness work …. There are many projects that local governments and municipalities are working on to ensure the well-being of citizens. As a result, they need to be in touch with their partners. Geo-Tracking offers, in this context, GPS tracking and tracking solutions that allow these organizations to work in a fluid and simple way. Geolocation solutions offered by Geo-Tracking offer a wide range of extremely valuable features to manage the daily life of the citizen in the best conditions.

Transportation companies: a solid relationship woven over time

The customer portfolio of Geo-Tracking is even richer. In fact, our geolocation solutions have appealed to road transport companies. Whether it is an international transit company, local carriers or logistics companies, our team is ready to offer you plotters, GPS tags and a whole geolocation device. Always crisscrossing the roads of the country, the vehicles of these companies need a good management optimized so that the expenses of their exploitation do not weigh heavy on the budget balance of the company.

Geo-Tracking: the partner of ministries and the state

Making a better service to the citizen: this is the goal of state enterprises and ministries. To succeed in this challenge, these organizations must demonstrate good governance and optimized management of resources. The car fleet is one of the most important means available to state organizations to serve the citizen in the best possible way. Geo-Tracking offers tracking solutions that can exploit the state’s roaming resources in an optimized way. As a result, the cost of operating company cars and machines will be much cheaper.

Tourist transport: a delicate service!

Geo-Tracking is a specialist in fleet management and vehicle geolocation that offers solutions tailored to different types of sectors. The transport of tourists and travelers is a rather delicate sector. Indeed, customers demand a high level of service and impeccable quality. To succeed in meeting this demand, it is necessary to have effective solutions to manage its car fleet. This is what Geo-Tracking offers these companies! Optimized management of roaming resources.

Mining companies: protecting human capital is a priority

You manage a mining company and you want to improve the management of your fleet? It’s at Geo-Tracking that you have to look for the right GPS tracking solutions. These technological tools help you to secure employees and isolated workers in the worksites. You can also evaluate their performance and follow the progress of their work. With fall sensors, some solutions trigger the necessary alerts in the event of a risk or danger situation. Thus, you have an effective way to manage your sites and secure your employees.

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Collectivité et municipalité
Community and municipality

Transport routier
Truck Transport

Etat et ministère
State and Ministry

Transport voyageur et touristique
Travel and tourism

Minière et BTP
Mining and construction

Service et SAV
Service and SAV