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Fuel control : Monitor the consumption of your fleet

Controlling fuel consumption in a company is a delicate matter. This resource is used by all vehicles in the fleet. Providing control over fuel consumption could help you better control and reduce fleet operating costs. Convinced of this hypothesis, the Geo-Tracking team offers a set of GPS tracking solutions to detect fuel levels in the tanks of vehicles throughout the fleet.

A good fuel control gives you several benefits. In fact, you will be able to make considerable savings on the operating costs of your fleet. Moreover, a rigorous control allows you to avoid the flights of this very precious resource.

The solution offered by our Geo-Tracking team helps you prevent abuse and unauthorized use of vehicles. Fuel control is also advantageous in that it limits pollution and environmental impact. Fuel consumption is an indicator that provides information on the driving behavior of drivers. Introducing them to an eco-driving mode gives you great savings.

fuel control

GPS fuel tag: Solution for sustainable fleet management

Solution gestion de flotte et de géolocalisation

Geo-Tracking offers GPS fuel tags with level probes to measure the consumption of this resource in real time. Having such sensors informs you of possible losses. Thus, you will be able to reach a goal of 0 leaks.

With these solutions, you will have a clear view of the amount of fuel you have. At any time, you can access a lot of relevant information. Because fuel theft has unfortunately become commonplace, preventing this threat necessarily involves a fuel control solution.

Geo-Tracking provides you with a fuel theft detection system and a GPS geolocation device. Such a device helps you to know in real time the amount of fuel available in the tanks of your vehicles but also in your fixed tanks.

Fuel management in the means of transport

Do you want to benefit from complete traceability of the different fuel consumption? Equip yourself with various Geo-Tracking solutions and get instant reports and updated information.

This way, you can get accurate fuel level data for tanks and fleet tanks. With such accurate and rigorous measurements, you can detect any leak or theft.

Fuel control is a very important lever to control in order to reach the desired level of profitability. Geo-Tracking helps you achieve this goal and better manage the fleet. Just install a small box carefully chosen by our team and enjoy a lot of relevant information on fuel consumption.

Contrôle et prévention du vol du carburant

Based on the gauging technique, Geo-Tracking’s fuel control solution allows remote monitoring of the fuel level as well as .

This technology makes it possible to collect a large amount of information and to centralize it in the servers of the company. Thanks to a personalized interface, you can use this information in the way that you think is appropriate. In this way, company managers have a real-time overview of the state of tanks and fixed and mobile tanks.

Opt for Geo-Tracking solutions and be sure to benefit from state-of-the-art solutions and unparalleled efficiency.