One of the main concerns of drivers of passenger vehicles is to ensure the required route under the best conditions.

To do this, Geo Tracking proposes to install GPS trackers to follow the route taken, to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the passengers as well as the quality of driving.

Thanks to this solution, your drivers and yourself will have (and in real time) clear and precise information before you: the itinerary traveled, the speed, the fuel consumption, the changes of itineraries …

Using GPS tracers installed in vehicles, you will receive regular reports that will allow you to control the movements and condition of your vehicles in order to optimize their maintenance. Our alert reports will inform you of:

  • Track vehicles in real time
  • Secure vehicles and passengers
  • SOS alert in case of problem
  • Speed alert
  • Detection of unauthorized stops
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption and leak detection
  • Identification of conductors ..