Geo Tracking’s planning management solution allows better management of human resources in the field, as well as good support for emergencies. The use of this solution translates into a reduction in operating costs (such as travel and telephone costs).
Geo Tracking’s tour management tools greatly simplify your business and the planning of your teams. These solutions were designed to meet the challenges of management. By crossing several types of data (based on key indicators such as distance traveled, number of customers, visiting areas, etc.). All this information is centralized and analyzed to improve your geographical coverage.
Geo Tracking allows you to evaluate performance. As a result, you can establish schedules based on tangible and relevant data.
Finally, our geolocation solutions are able to identify the sources of savings. Thus, you can make informed decisions about managing your tours. GPS tracking allows you to significantly reduce the cost of owning a fleet.

The GPS geolocation solution for fuel management is useful in several ways. Indeed, thanks to this solution, you can follow-up in real time or deferred the level of the fuel and this through several information (refueling, consumption …). The fuel temperature is also recorded in real time. The GEO-Tracking solution also generates forecasts of fueling needs based on the fuel level recorded. This tool also allows you to prevent leakage and fuel siphoning.