Geolocation and new technologies are always at the service of companies. Transport and logistics companies are the most concerned. They need a management and decision support tool to properly manage this activity.

GPS geolocation coupled with transport management software is the ideal solution. The needs of these companies are varied: anticipate the need for transport and plan it in an optimal way, manage the daily transport activity and evaluate its performance.

Whatis a TMS?

The TMS (Transport Management System) or transport management software is a valuable management and decision tool for a company with a fleet. The TMS meets your needs: traceability of deliveries and optimization of transport. You will notice by yourself the improvement of your transport activity and a reduction in the operating costs of your fleet.

GEO-Tracking and TMS

Geo Tracking offers TMS mainly to companies that provide transport and logistics on behalf of their customers. This transport management software provides several functionalities such as truck fleet management, scheduling of deliveries, time control and billing …. A wide range of solutions that perfectly meet the needs of transport companies And logistics. From strategic to tactical through operational and then through execution, a transport management systemcovers all levels of decision-making. Therefore, this tool can be exploited by both the manager and the performer.