The specialist in GPS and GPRS geo-tracking, GEO-Tracking, has enriched its offering with the CAN Bus solution. It is a tool that allows the evaluation of drivers and their eco-driving.

This solution is appreciated by a number of companies that has been growing since 1995 by an average of 10% per year. The CAN Bus solution is intended for fleets of vehicles, trucks, machinery or agricultural machinery.

The CAN Bus solution in a few words

GEO-Tracking, offers a customized CAN Bus solution. Indeed, this tool is customizable according to your needs. The solution ensures the acquisition and the exchange of operating data of a vehicle in real time as well as a computer processing of all this information. The strong point of the “CAN Bus” solution is the simultaneous detection of data from several sources such as the engine but also auxiliaries (trailers or multi-compartment tanks). CAN bus generates a lot of information such as acceleration, speed, driving control, total fuel consumption …

What CAN Bus can do for you

The benefits of this solution are immediately perceived by its users. This GPS geolocation solution reduces and better manages the fuel consumption of your trucks and gear. You can also save on the cost of maintaining your vehicles. The evaluation of the behavior of your drivers that can be carried out by CAN Bus helps you to improve the behavior of your drivers.

A real fuel management tool

CAN Bus starts by measuring the fuel consumption and analyzing it to qualify it (high, low …). The solution also follows acceleration and deceleration. After a thorough analysis of all these data, the solution proposes corrective measures.