Managing a fleet of vehicles means ensuring regular maintenance of your vehicles, namely mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, drainage and technical inspections.

A well-maintained vehicle has a longer service life and requires less maintenance.

Aware of this challenge, GEO-Tracking offers you a GPS tracking solution with an online maintenance booklet.

GEO-Tracking: an online novelty

Each vehicle requires a maintenance booklet that must be updated daily.

To make it easier for you, Geo Tracking provides you with a booklet presented as a simple and complete interface. Thanks to online support, you will be guided in order to set it up as you wish.

Access your maintenance booklet with GEO-Tracking

You will be able to access all maintenance histories on your vehicles.

You can also set alerts (mail or SMS) to remind you of the revisions to be made.

Thanks to the dashboard of this application, you can follow, throughout the year, the maintenance of all the vehicles of your fleet.

Geo Tracking is a trusted partner to solve all the problems of geolocation and management of your fleet. Our company helps you to better manage the maintenance of your car fleet in the most efficient way possible.