For companies with mobile staff and a fleet to manage, transportation is their major concern. They are mainly maintenance companies, after-sales services …

To meet the needs of these professionals, GEO-Tracking has combined its geolocation solutions with the CMMS (computer-aided maintenance management). The CMMS is primarily aimed at the business world and has a lot of interests.

The merits of CMMS

CMMS is extremely useful in optimizing the technical and human resources reserved for maintenance. This solution offers you the possibility to manage schedules taking into account certain important details such as tools and spare parts available, skills present in the company …. Allied to geolocation, CMMS becomes More and more useful for the operational but also strategic needs of a company.

Indeed, GEO-Tracking lets you benefit from its expertise in CMMS solutions coupled with geolocation tools. We provide you with a toolbox with several modules.

Geolocation and CMMS: a good Duo

The characteristics of each vehicle are listed in detailed sheets: technical data, registration data … The GEO-Tracking solution is also a means to monitor the mileage and fuel consumption. This tool also gives you the details of the interviews carried out with the budgets of each operation. It is also able to plan and plan future interventions. This gives you all the details about the costs of managing your fleet while integrating those of your suppliers and partners.

Opt for the GEO-Tracking solution: CMMS and geolocation. Mastering these two levers would definitely benefit your business.